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Personal Training by Chris Smit


Personal Training with Chris Smit

So you just turned 40 or 50 or… maybe even older or anything in between. And today you realized you had to change something. Something about YOU.

It’s Health over Wealth.

Because if you don’t do something NOW… You’ll stay like you are, or get worse. And that’s what you don’t want.

You came to the right place.

The idea behind the Power of Fifty is to help, support and get people of 40 and over started with getting the lifestyle they want.

The lifestyle they’ve wanted for years but were too busy to pursue.

Now it’s time for Health over Wealth.

You see, when you were younger your career and success track were most important.

And getting into shape got side tracked.

You got married, had kids and your career was going in the right direction.

But now that you’re 40 or 50 or older or anywhere in between, you realize that it’s your health that is by far more important than your wealth.

So again, it’s Health over Wealth.

Let’s GO

Get IN Shape

Real Work. Real Results. No BS.

Sport & Nutrition

Next to designing a training program tailored to your needs, I can also draw up a personalized food and lifestyle program.

Your input determines your output. Making sure you eat plenty of nutritious foods in the right amounts of carbs, fats, and proteins. All to make reaching your goals easier and more enjoyable.

Certified Trainer

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer. Certified by the American Council on Exercise. I follow the ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model® to design personalized training programs.

  • Resistance training (weights)
  • Aerobic training (running)
  • Special populations (diabetes, obese)

I will design a fitness program that suits you and only you. Nothing off the shelve. A program for you and you alone.

chris smit personal trainer ACE approved

Mental Coaching

Training the body is as important as training the mind. With personalized coaching reaching your desired goals will become within reach of everyone. Including YOU.

You not only want a healthy body, but you also want a healthy mind; a healthy mind and body composition. You being your best.


Offers & Details


Thorough Pre-workout Intake & Assessment


Personalized Training Programs


One-on-One Coaching


Motivational Support

Why Training

Popular Programs

Since this is Personal Training, YOU are the one deciding the contents, length, and intensity of YOUR program. I’ll make sure it’s enjoyable and that we’re keeping track of YOUR progress.

I’m always available for your questions and should you need any guidance, and tips and tricks to get and keep you going.

Strength Training

Or Resistance Training. Per decade we lose about 2.3kg’s (5lbs) of pure muscle mass. You can get that back with targeted strength training. This in turn will make you look better and will boost your resting metabolism.


Having adequate control and mobility over every body part will help you perform your activities of daily living with ease and pleasure.

Weight Loss

Controlled weight loss through a change in lifestyle. A lifestyle that fits you and that is enjoyable to live.

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Chris knows what he’s talking about. He has ample experience (he started when he was 18 years old) and enjoys working out as much as I do.

His enthusiasm is contagious. When you take him on as a Personal Trainer, you just want to workout and do your best. For yourself of course.

He is supportive and on the same side able to motivate you to do that extra bit more. Just what I needed, knowing myself.

I would suggest Chris as a Personal Trainer anytime to anyone. Not only to the 40+ or 50+ population.

If you’re in doubt about getting a PT, you shouldn’t. Chris is easy and enjoyable to work with.

Jim Stewart

I really liked the way Chris was able to integrate the complete program (food, fitness, mental coaching) into one program. And I can tell you, that program just worked. Like a charm.

He took the time to do an extensive intake with me. Asked me relevant questions necessary to put together MY program. You could tell that he dedicated time and effort to making this unique program for me.

The food advice he gave me was also really good; he didn’t just tell me what to eat. He really educated me on how to eat healthy food. Food that I still enjoy and educating me on the stuff I shouldn’t eat.

Learning how to read a food label was a real eye-opener for me.

Great job Chris! Thanks.

Martin Sorros

I woke up one morning and decided enough is enough; I want to feel better. I was sick of being tired in the morning even after having enough sleep.

So I went online and found Chris Smit YOUR Personal Trainer. And personal he was (without ever crossing any line). The sincerity and attention to details were simply excellent.

I simply LOVED working with him. Some keywords?

  • Knowledgeable
  • Wholistic approach
  • Personal
  • Perfect

Keep on going, Chris!

Heather Clarck

Pricing Plans

Below are the standard formulas. Should you desire a different combination, we can always discuss this.

*Prices are in USDollars but other currencies are also possible and without possible taxes

What You Get

Below is a selection of what you’ll get when you’re working with me




Personal Training


Whatsapp access


Periodized training program


Food advice


General food advise


Specific food advise



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